Here is what to do

DIY, or with help?

Have you decided to build your own site? Here are some quick tips to smooth the way.

Will you work with a designer? Here are some more tips to help you out. And, check out benefits we provide especially for small businesses.

Get a quick start

If you need to speed the Web design process along, consider using one of our quick start designs. These web designs are relatively inexpensive and flexible enough to adapt to the needs of your organization and its customers.

A quick Start design can be a very affordable, convenient option that will provide you with a customized site that looks great and draws the right kind of attention.

Ask questions

We are here to answer your questions about how to get your website started. Contact us and let us kow how we can help.

Read up

Explore some books on business and web design.

Design fees and billing

Get a free, no-obligation price quote in writing for your project from several designers before work begins. Susan Henley Design produces many sites for less than $1,500. Our fees are affordable, and you can request a modular, phased-in approach to your project.